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Mixed by Bill Colledge in Asbury Park, NJ

Mastered by Machine the Producer in Austin, TX

We are proud to present our newest single and music video, 'Blood Ride'. A bizarre journey of thrills, chills, and wtf's delivered on a river of blood.   

The concept originated under the hardships of being a musician, an artist, and more specifically- being in the band Wolfspeak. Dedication and sacrifice, a tight grasp on the vision, and staying in control when dealing with the unpredictable- all can make ya soaking in sweat but we are confident paradise is at the end of the thread.

Blood Ride features a few samples including dialogue from The Mask (1994) and Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof (2007). It was mixed by Bill Colledge on our stomping grounds of Asbury Park, NJ, then sent off to our good friend Machine the Producer in Austin, Tx, who has an incredible track record of working with top notch rock bands such as Lamb of God, White Zombie, We Came As Romans, Fall Out Boy and more.

The music video was fully directed, designed, filmed, and edited by the band and features a hand made miniature landscape. Our inspirations were drawn from Willy Wonka's chocolate river boat, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and various Rob Zombie flicks.

Blood Ride is set to be released on all platforms on Friday, April 14th, with its live debut performance Sunday, April 16th at the Asbury Lanes. Pre-save Spotify link is below along with the ticket link for the Asbury Lanes show.

From birth to death we ride the BLOOD RIDE!!!

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